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Travel Log #4 - Day 3

So after the most unexpected rager I have ever been to, well hmmm... There was that one time in Moorea , in the Tahitian island chain where the entire island showed up and everyone was fighting, making up and drinking then fighting again, but that's a completely different story...

Digressions aside, waking up the following morning in "El Coreano's" Mexican made vehicle in the fetal position with flies buzzing around my head powerfully drilled the reality of our situation into me. We were smack dab in the middle of the Baja desert at a car junkyard atop a real cemetery. Sam at least had the right idea sleeping in the backseat with the door open so his feet could dangle outside. I felt sort of ridiculous periodically slapping myself in the face attempting to nail the pesky flies. Sam seeing this ludicrous spectacle subtly slipped off to grab the camera and film me. Very amusing.....

On the bright side, we had survived the night with minimal damage, save for a slight hangover and stinky foot from Geronimo splattering throw up on it. Good thing Sam had the door open for his feet to hang out cause he got hit way worse than I did. It was pretty damn funny. We had just stared at our feet in disbelief. Too bad we didn't get any footage of it. I am sure our facial expressions were hilarious. There were so many guys around though, it may not have been safe for the video camera.

Our current situation was far less amusing. About half an hour after we got up Jose (El Coreano) leisurely emerged from his air conditioned trailer. Almost immediately he set off to inspect the maelstrom of wrecked vehicles for the missing bolt we had snapped yesterday.

He managed to find the bolt impressively fast after inspecting only a handful of twisted vehicles. I am not sure if the vehicle he extracted the bolt was the exact same as mine or just similar. At this point, who cares! He literally disappeared into the tangle of destroyed cars and after some concentrated banging emerged with a bolt that appeared exactly like the broken one. I was too busy inspecting the previously cocaine filled semi to follow him closely enough and I forgot to ask him later if it came from the same model. Oh well, within an hour and a half he had found the bolt and managed to repair the truck. This mechanic knew his shit!

"El Patron" decided we owed $280, but we managed to pay only $250 cause that is all the cash we had and there were no ATMs remotely nearby. Sam threw in his mineresque flashlight as a token of gratitude as well.

Amusingly, I intended to call the web series for this trip "Until The Wheels Fall Off" long before we had actually set off, yet here we were on the 3rd day and the wheel had already fallen off and been repaired, so perhaps I'll have to come up with another name for it. We'll see. Until The Wheels Fall Off has such a nice ring to it though.

We continued along to another town named San Rosario after bidding our new friends farewell. We ate lunch at "Jimmy Boy's Tacos" in the hottest/stickiest weather I have ever experienced BY FAR, which says volumes coming from a born and raised Hawaii boy. This weather made our Kona Winds seem downright chilly. Jimmy was a riot. He kept cracking jokes in Spanglish the entire time.

On our way to Jimmy Boy's Tacos we had unknowingly went down an unmarked "alleged" one way street; which we learned shortly after our lunch from the corrupt cop who whistled for us to stop at the town's only stop sign was an "infraction." The borderline obese cop waved for us to stop with an exaggerated hand gesture. When I attempted to drive away and play dumb he used his whistle to stop us. I was tempted to just book it since he was on foot and clearly not about to run anywhere fast in this lifetime, but I thought better of it. Upon ambling up to the car he immediately took my driver's license from me explained to us entirely in Spanish that we committed an "infraction." It was really rather amusing. The only English this guy knew were words that ended in "tion." So instead of saying "infraccion" he said "infraction." This went on for several minutes. First he would say the word ending in "cion" in Spanish and then repeat it in English with the "tion." He informed us that we weren't in our "nation." I did ever thing in my power to keep from bursting into hysterics every time he did it. He wanted $30 from us. I told him we didn't have that much and that we would could only give him $10. Grudgingly, he finally accepted this and handed my driver's license back to me with an extremely disappointed look on his face. This guy was a joke! Apparently the cop didn't even see us commit the "infraction." It was the old man who had pointed at us earlier. I had unknowingly waved and smiled at. He had wagged his old wrinkled finger at us and said something about us going down a one way as we corrected our mistake. He must have been pissed cause I gave him a shhhhh gesture with my finger. The old bastard immediately went and reported us to the corrupt town officer while we were joking it up with good old Jimmy boy. In retrospect I don't know who I despise more. The corpulent cop, or the tattle tale geezer. At least the cop was amusing although his belly size attested to the fact that he probably didn't really need our money.

We continued along the Sea of Cortes $10 poorer, but happy as clams nonetheless. We refueled at the Pemex (the national gas company) just outside the town of Mulege. After chatting it up with some cool gas attendants we were back on the scorching hot road. We pulled over at a beautiful beach with incredibly blue water and cabanas on the sand. It was called Ray's place and was approximately 1o miles south of Mulege.

Right as we pulled up two Italian women next to us promptly took off their swimsuit tops and waded out a little ways into the sauna like water. We talked with them for a bit before taking off, doing our best to maintain eye contact all the while. We snuck in a quick photo before taking, which unfortunately didn't really give the moment justice thanks to my nervous haste. Hahaha, we probably should have filmed them but the camera would have been too conspicuous and rather pervy. This is going to be surf/skate/travel web-series, not porn. All things considered though, it was a refreshing pit stop at the beach.

Back on the road we drove forever until we came to the "Ciudad de Insurgentes " or City of Insurgents. From there after watching a quick baseball game being played in the dust by two teams in uniform we continued on to "La Poza Grande" or "The Big Puddle." We were looking for a surf spot named San Jorge but we couldn't find it to save our lives and everyone we talked to kept telling us something different (a trend that became more and more common as time went on). We gave up on San Jorge and continued on to "Las Barrancas" where we met met some funny guys drinking at the beach who wanted us to film them for the web series. I did and they excitedly fought over who could give us the best directions to Scorpion Bay, which we were now approaching from the South Road instead of the rougher North Road responsible for our fallen wheel. We didn't have enough day light to safely make the isolated trek to Scorpion Bay so we decided to head to San Isidro where we watched one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen silhouetting a giant pimplesque volcano. We found a little house/motel. It was primarily a house, but they rented out rooms. We gratefully paid for a couple and called it a night.

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