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Webisodio #16

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Flat waves in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and my new Argentinean and Costa Rican friends' floodlights inspire a humid summer night…

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Webisodio #16 is live! Check it out in the Season #2 thumbnail. Webisodio #17 is right around the corner!

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Surf Lessons

Learn how to surf in Venice, California with an experienced Hawaiian instructor.

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Learn to speak another language fluently, it never ceases to enhance my travel experiences

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Travel Log #7 - Leaving Baja

As the first driver to roll up onto the ferry leaving Baja for Mainland Mexico I felt like I was in a dream. The whole experience of driving my truck,the same truck that I used to just head down the street for in Santa Cruz to 7-eleven or the supermarket onto a Mexican super ferry didn't compute. It was kind of a pinch myself moment for me. We had already driven over 1000 miles. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect on the Mainland. My romantic notion of what I thought it might be like, cactuses and vultures was only partially incorrect. There were definitely some vultures, but the landscape couldn't have been more humid. Little towns and some big ones would repeatedly give way to jungle after jungle along the drive. Mexico is definitely no one climate pony, that's for sure...

Travel Log #6 - Day 5

After driving all morning we rolled into Cabo San Lucas in the early afternoon. The truck was making some weird buzzing noise. I think a bolt was loose somewhere. We pulled into a dusty Pemex on the outskirts of town and instantly a guy was trying to help us "fix our problem." He had run over from across the street. After a few attempts at tightening some bolts under the hood, it became readily apparent that he just wanted to sell us weed, which looked like dirt. So funny. Everyone is a hustler it seems these days. Especially in Latin America . He said, you guys are nice boys, I am a nice boy. We are all nice boys. He wasn't of much help to us...

Travel Log #5 - Day 4

After a 30 minute boat ride to the island in the early morning the waves were just starting to show. As we pitched the tent and erected a wind breaker the waves quickly picked up to around chest high and started looking super fun in the offshore breeze. I raced out there for a quick solo session. As I was heading out 2 private jets with 3 members of Team Billabong's junior A team (Sterling Spencer , Granger Larsen , and Johnny Craft ) arrived literally out of thin air with 3 camera men in tote. It was crazy to think how we had experienced so much over the past few days in the process of getting there and they just floated in fresh from the creature comforts of Gringolandia. Even there boarded up lean-to shack looked luxurious in contrast with our wind buffeted tent. The journey and our ghetto accommodations however made it all the more rewarding for me. In retrospect, I wouldn't want it to have been any other way. We had earned it....

Travel Log #4 - Day 3

So after the most unexpected rager I have ever been to, well hmmm... There was that one time in Moorea , in the Tahitian island chain where the entire island showed up and everyone was fighting, making up and drinking then fighting again, but that's a completely different story...

Digressions aside, waking up the following morning in "El Coreano's" Mexican made vehicle in the fetal position with flies buzzing around my head powerfully drilled the reality of our situation into me. We were smack dab in the middle of the Baja desert at a car junkyard atop a real cemetery. Sam at least had the right idea sleeping in the backseat with the door open so his feet could dangle outside. I felt sort of ridiculous periodically slapping myself in the face attempting to nail the pesky flies. Sam seeing this ludicrous spectacle subtly slipped off to grab the camera and film me. Very amusing.....

Travel Log #3 - Day 2

We woke up early and filled up on gas next door to the Baja Cactus for the first time in Mexico. The truck was still there. Everything seemed cool. The truck was running a little hot, so we pulled over and put some more coolant in the engine. We filled up again at a remote gasolinera shortly before arriving in San Ignacio , a picturesque oasis town located roughly 700 miles south of the border. We had covered a decent amount of ground in 2 days.

Upon arriving in San Ignacio we pulled over and went for a brief dip to cool off. It felt amazing to wash away the day's dust. There were literally thousands of Mexicans there for a pueblo wide celebration. I found out later that the majority of the people happened to be in town for the annual fiesta from towns up and down the vast Baja coast.

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