Season 2

Added: January 31, 2011

Leaving the Guatemalan highlands and heading toward the surf-filled pointbreaks of El Salvador...the journey south continues. Local El Salvadoran shred ninja Jimmy Rotherham puts on an absolute surf clinic in obliterating the gnar...
Music compliments of Preston Earnest "My Song" (the first song) and Joshua Komer "Swoon"

Length: 00:10:51
Added: March 11, 2011

Jimmy takes us to a semi-secret fun little river mouth. Nothing mind blowing, but definitely rippable. Afterwards, our new friends invite us to partake in some fresh coconuts.
Music compliments of Joshua Komer

Length: 00:07:28
Added: April 6, 2011

After a couple of surf filled weeks in El Salvador, it was time for Sam to fly home and for me to continue along through Honduras en route to Southern Nicaragua
Music compliments of Joshua Komer.

Length: 00:08:53
Added: May 23, 2011

The road takes us to the old capital of Leon, Nicaragua, where our first full day entailed a leisurely stroll through the city; as usual though, a breakdown was right around the corner.

Length: 00:06:14
Added: June 18, 2011

After the truck broke down AGAIN, I hunkered down in San Juan Del Sur and started making some new friends.

Length: 00:08:15
Added: July 28, 2011

Flat waves in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and my new Argentinean and Costa Rican friends' floodlights inspire a humid summer night shred fest!!!

Length: 00:03:31
Added: July 28, 2011

Sometimes I just like to fish for crocodiles when I am in Costa Rica

Length: 00:03:31
Added: July 28, 2011

A quick walking tour of my favorite restaurants and marisquerias in San Juan Del Sur

Length: 00:03:31

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