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Webisodio #16

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Flat waves in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and my new Argentinean and Costa Rican friends' floodlights inspire a humid summer night…

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Season 2

Webisode 17 Coming Soon!

Webisodio #16 is live! Check it out in the Season #2 thumbnail. Webisodio #17 is right around the corner!

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Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons

Learn how to surf in Venice, California with an experienced Hawaiian instructor.

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Language Exploration

Tutoring for travel

Learn to speak another language fluently, it never ceases to enhance my travel experiences

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Grouplove is goin THERMONUCLEAR!!!, Group Love's new ipod commercial It's pretty crazy when your friends blow up! Oftentimes it appears to pop up seemingly out of nowhere, but truth be told it rarely goes down that way. There are almost always years of hard work going on behind the scenes that conveniently get overlooked by the masses. That's definitely the way it has worked out for my boy Drew Wessen. Drewski is a bad ass musician/surfer and has been killing it for years, albeit somewhat under the radar. Don't get me wrong, he's definitely been in his share of sick bands grinding away, but he has never really hit the big time with any of them. Well, those days are over, Drew's officially a rockstar now and his new band Group Love is mental! The only problem with Rockstars is it's really hard for the little guy (i.e. me) to afford their music! However, rockstars in the making, (i.e. formerly Drew) oftentimes hook up their buddies with free tracks before they go completely Hollywood. Lo and behold, that's exactly what he did for your boy, and webisodes 8-10 in Season 1 are so much better for it! So thank you for that lady luck and Drew Wessen, and check out their new Ipod video/commercial while you're at it. See if you can resist bopping your head a little bit!

Bribing Cops in Latin America

Tips for dealing with corrupt cops in Latin America.

Getting pulled over by the cops, especially if you're a gringo happens on the daily in Latin America. In fact it happens so frequently that Mexicans actually have a saying for it, "La Mordida" or "The Bite" cause the cops frequently extort money from hapless gringos and locals alike. Nevertheless, all hope isn't necessarily lost. No matter what, always attempt to talk your way out of it and never leave the main road. You want to be as visible to the public as possible. They'll often try to get you to duck into some shady ass side alley out of view cause they don't want passersby to see them accepting money. Most importantly don't drive at night. If for some crazy reason you do happen to be driving at night you're already blown, brace yourself to pay some serious coin...

Until The Wheels Fall Off Trip Map

These flags represent different places I visited or stayed along the journey.
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Blog Entry #9 - An expected visitor

After our fun, albeit onshore afternoon sesh, we decided to head over to the neighboring camp in search of my buddy Matt Wessen who was supposed to have arrived a couple of days prior for the swell. We quickly found him to his great surprise and over Tecates decided to call it an early night to score the rising swell in the morning...

The following day, (Day 13) we awoke to some of the best surf of the trip thus far. It was barreling and glassy, about 3-5 feet Hawaiian style. The waves would pop up without warning up and down the beach and you would have to hunt them down or get lucky. They were pretty sick if you managed to be in the right spot or hustled to get yourself there. I caught a few fun ones, but nothing life altering. I did manage to pull into a dredging backhand closeout and rolled my back onto momentarily exposed sand. The tube had gone completely dry with me in it, which was kinda cool.

Travel Log #8 - Useful information for shipping your truck from Baja to Mainland Mex

We shipped our truck from La Paz (a little over a hundred miles north of Cabo) to Topolobampo, just outside the city of Los Mochis in Sinaloa County . If you do not want to drive as far south as La Paz there is another ferry that leaves from Santa Rosalia (the muggiest town on the planet if you ask me). A vehicle permit is required to ship a car from both locations. It is important to note that a permit can be purchased in La Paz, but not at Santa Rosalia! Thus, in order to ship a vehicle from Santa Rosalia a vehicle permit must be purchased beforehand. You don't want to have to be forced to backtrack several hundred miles to Tijuana!!

To avoid any angry accusations from any of you out there in Bloggerlandia I have included a link to Lonely Planet's comprehensive shipping requirements for anyone considering undertaking such a trip in order to absolve myself of any responsibility. You don't want to miss the boat on this one. Pun intended.

Lonely Planet Link About Baja - California Transportation

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